Zac Freeman’s Recycling Art

Assemblage Series

“I started making assemblage artworks of this type in 1999. The artworks are made entirely out of collected junk, found objects, and general trash. I glue the bits of junk to a wooden substrate to form an image, usually faces, which only can be seen at a distance. I was interested in communicating through visual representation in apparent 2-dimensional space and through the actual objects used for the medium in 3-dimensional space. It is very important to me that I incorporate the actual objects into the art as opposed to a picture or rendition of it because it better expresses the intention of the artwork. I feel the junk is more powerful being present. It is an actual thing to be reckoned with that existed in this time and place and carries energy in and of itself.”

Looked at from up close, Zac Freeman’s artworks look like common piles of junk, but take a few steps back and you’ll discover amazingly detailed portraits.

Kathy 0014 500

You know that stuff most of us throw away after a while, things like old buttons, LEGO bricks, keyboard keys? That’s exactly the kind of material Zac Freeman uses to create his unbelievable portraits.

Jerry 0017 500

He began gathering junk and found objects in 1992, and started gluing them to pieces of wood, creating various portraits.

Zac Vince detail

Zac Freeman is a fine artist who works with several media.
He owns a B.F.A. from the Jacksonville University with cum laude and departmental honors and his art has been exhibited, among other places, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Jacksonville), Chester Gallery (Chester, CT) and Miami Museum of Science and Space.

Ryan 500

His work is part of the Art collection of The Regency Group ( Florida).
The quality of Zac Freeman’s Art has granted him a well deserved recognition and has been featured on several publications.

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  1. janet cecil-wilcox says:

    I am an artist and art teacher. Your images are amazing. Inspiration for my students…

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