Directors’ Chairs

Apart from all the great movies made there, Hollywood is also responsible for the fame of one of the truly great chairs of all time, the directors’ chair. A design classic, it is light, portable, and remarkably comfortable. The design goes back to coffer-makers’ chairs of the 15th century and eventually to the Roman curule chair. 


The seat and back are made of canvas or a similar strong fabric which bears the user’s full weight and can be folded. The frame is made of wood, or sometimes metal or plastic. The seat and the back are easily replaced, often without any need for sewing. Instead the fabric is nailed to the frame, and offers tremendous scope for decoration.

directors chair ireland

Rich fabrics in furnishing weights, such as velvet or satin, damask, chintz, or brocade would be suitable, if unusual. The most frequent choice is canvas, in natural or synthetic materials. Available in a vast range of colours and patterns (mostly stripes), it is a strong fabric, ideal for painting on or printing. Stenciled patterns (not forgetting type – all those directors’ names) are particularly successful.


Additionally, the directors’ chairs can be much enhanced by painting its wooden frame to complement the canvas. It can be personalised and therefore be a perfect gift, especially for a cinema aficionados, film students or professionals. If the chairs are planned to be part of the garden, it is very popular to choose or create lovely floral prints or geometric designs, or just go for bright colours that will stood out in the greenery of the garden.


The frame of the directors’ chairs also can be painted and that is the way to completely re-vamp your chair. Depending of the wanted look, the frame can be painted in bright, contrasting colours, or black or white. For the more subtle look, the frame can be stained in natural wood shades.


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