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FINKBEINER FEINES KUNSTHANDWERK, founded in 1995, is located in Freudenstadt, a small town in the Black Forest. This region is well-known for its scenic beauty, its recreational value and its handicraft tradition of which the famous cuckoo clock is probably the most prominent example.

Their passion is designing and producing artisan decorative wood objects .High quality craftsmanship and the utilizing of traditional material in combination with contemporary design go hand in hand.


Featuring an extensive variety of items ranging from esthetically shaped objects to delightful wood/Swarovski crystal, toys and a huge Christmas line, the collection is guaranteed to cater to every taste and budget.


Each year new artisan objects are designed and produced, always embracing the spirit of the time without sacrificing tradition or values. The result is inspiring – hand-crafted objects of the highest quality that enhance our living environment with character and style and are beautiful to use or give away as a present.


The wood used is harvested according to sustainable forestry principles, mainly in the Black Forest. Often apple, pear or occasionally plum is used from old fruit orchards in the surrounding areas.
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