Where to find affordable furniture and home decor

With the helpful tips you now have plenty of places to find great deals for great looking, yet cheap and stylish pieces of home decor that will not break your budget. If the economy is in a slump, it doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate your home with some new decor.

Garage/Estate Sales: These are two of the best places to go if you are in search of cheap home decor. Both garage and estate sales are filled with basic, as well as, eccletic pieces that you can find for incredibly low prices. Also, do not forget that for some great basic pieces (wooden chairs, book shelves, tables, etc) you can always buy these for next to nothing and then go to your local paint store and buy a cheap can of paint to give the pieces a more original look. Also, If you find a nice piece of raw material, you can design your own piece of furniture or decoration (see picture below: the chair made of reclaimed wood).

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Discount Furniture Stores: Most of these stores are only open a couple of days out of the week, which allows for the prices to be much less than regular stores, but you can find furniture and other home furnishings for nearly half off of their regular prices. These stores usually receive whatever stock is left over from bigger furniture stores so you are able to get cheap home decor that looks like you spent the big bucks. These places usually will work with you on financing plans as well.


The Internet: Do not underestimate great websites such as eBay or craigslist, which usually have some interesting finds on them. On websites such as these you are able to bid on items listed so a lot of the time you can find some great things for really low prices. Also, another great idea is to try and sell some of the home decor you have that you might be tired of (or pieces that you just do not want anymore) on one of these websites as well. The money that you make from your sell can go toward some new purchases of cheap home decor that you find. For example, it is posible to find this shoji screen on ebay for less than one dollar, as starting price.


Antique shops and sales: That are great places to find a very nice, unique and attractive decor for your home. Good thing is that you can find a real bargain, and with small investments, good ideas and a certain skills, you can create amazing decorations.


IKEA: At stores such as this you can find a lot of great pieces of cheap home decor. IKEA specializes in selling furniture as well as home accessories. One thing to keep in mind is that when you sign up for the IKEA card you can get special discounts and promotions that are going on for only card holders. The prices at IKEA are considerably low and they frequently have great sales. The only catch with IKEA is that all furniture must be self assembled.

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