Vito Selma Paisley Chair

There is relax chair designed by Vito Selma, it’s very unique and interesting. The chair called Paisley is designed with various colors are made from high quality materials and made of soft and the foot of a sturdy stainless steel.

Beautiful furniture is very comfortable to use and suitable for those of you who were relaxing with your family and your relatives.


“Everything about the Paisley, from its material, erganomics, comfort and shape is inspired from a woman’s curves. When one sits down, it is about giving the feeling of coming home, an embrace from of ones mother, friend or lover. You meet. You get comfortable. You fall in love…”


This contemporary sofa has a minimal, open and honest relationship with design. With its simple lines and curves, but striking appearance, paisley chair definitely great addition to any living room is the bedroom.


Vito Selma, characterized as a designer with a ton of creative and unusual ideas, makes a poetic connection between the chair and a fleeting, mysterious first love. The romantic chair comes with a comfortable cushion and backrest provides the best angle for your relaxation.


This chair called Paisley is certainly beautiful, elegant and sophisticated at the same time, invite to be embraced in extreme style. The romantic design chair with metal frame in a flat silhouette makes it look so modern. Comes in a variety of exciting colors, make this feminine luxury seat sure that you have a romantic statement in your bedroom and a sofa.



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