The Colourful Design by Orna Lalo

Orna Lalo is a graduate of Shenkar College for Fashion and Textile. She began her professional career in 1990 designing distinctive fashion accessories. Her unique look and imaginative eye brought her much attention by leading fashion designers for custom work on the runway. Color, shape and texture play a significant role in her original designs.

As Orna shares, “People ask me what inspires my creations. So, it’s this: all the dresses I always wanted to wear. Everything I always wanted to be. My dream that one day I’ll stand on a big stage and I’ll be a singer. When I design, I try to capture that feeling of longing. I always think about the person who will be using my products, I want my colorful creations to smile at you and make you feel good.”

In 1999 Orna takes her designs to the local villages surrounding the factory in Bulgaria (her homeland) and teaches the local women, young and old to assemble the pieces, where the fond intentions of everyone who touches them are carried with them. Orna is drawn to the honest, simple life, to the love of nature and to the traditions there.


Her business is fair-trade where many employees work at home, thereby helping to boost the family income. Orna was born in Bulgaria, and now she lives with her two children in a small rural village in Israel. Currently, she divides her time between her home in Israel and the company’s factory in Bulgaria.

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In her creations, Orna Lalo makes great use of organic shapes inspired by flora and fauna, of the textural interplay of translucency and opaqueness, and of a daring range of colors that bring to mind the innocence and optimism of childhood. Lalo uses industrial resins plus natural and recycled materials to create her unique hand crafted pieces. Since 1990, Orna has grown into an international company with worldwide appeal. Her pieces are widely sold throughout the United States, Germany, France, the UK, Australia, Japan and Israel.

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If you’ve not yet discovered Lalo Orna’s artisan jewelry collection, you owe it to yourself to check out her items. The designer items of Lalo Orna exemplify the most incredible use of resin in jewelry and accessories.

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