Rock Picture Holder

This is an excellent project for everyone who like to search in the rivers or sea coast for the perfect, smoothed-over, beautiful rock. You can find a really fine rocks, big and gorgeously shaped, and they come in a variety of tones and colours that complement whatever you place by them.

You can pile this beautiful rocks on your window seal, place them inside apothecary jars signed with the date and location where you find them (for example, ‘Greece, August 2010’), or even in the shower piled in the corner to make it seem as if you are outdoor showering off from a day at the beach.

rock picture holder

Materials you need

– large smooth-shaped rocks

– standard floral cloth wire 18 gauge weight 18-inch-long

– pictures, notes, postcards to display

rock picture holders

How to make it

1 Start by wrapping 6 to 10 inches of an 18-inch length of florist wire around the rock, and twist it tightly at the top with your fingers so it’s snug around the rock. Keep in mind the more wire you wrap around the rock, the shorter the overall height of the picture holder will be.

2 With the remaining portion of wire standing upright, twist about 1 inch from the top of the wire into a spiral circle. Make sure the spiral is snug enough to grasp tightly onto whatever you want to display so it stays put exactly where you want.  Of course, you can modify the end of the wire so your picture or postcard stands firm and secure.


Optionally, you may wish to paint your rocks. this is a good idea if you want to make the picture holder in children’s room. It can be an excellent project and you can use any acrylic colours to do your painting. Also, you may add various embellishments or cover your rock in decorative paper or textile.


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