Moxy – Crochet With a Mission

Moxy crochet is the manifestation of a desire to create beautiful, innovative crochet, and to provide employment for special people with creative hands.

Seven crocheters craft from home the hundreds of hexagonal pieces which go into each blanket. Working from their homes in Cape Town’s Khayelietsha township makes it possible for the crocheters to spend time with their families and keeps transport costs to a minimum. They meet twice a week to exchange materials for finished pieces and catch up with each other.


Once the motifs are collected the blankets are pieced together by the self taught crocheter and designer Laura Summs, who is totally passionate about handmade things and all kinds of creativity. All aspects of the blankets are done completely by hand and each is one of a kind!

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Laura says about their work, “Crochet again provides the medium to do all these things; campaign for valuable skill of handwork, explore colour, provide enjoyable and decent employment, share skills, produce a beautiful and useful object.”

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Moxy products are made from locally dyed cool cotton, silky bamboo, comforting wool, and tactile mohair.

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They have an extensive colour palette to work with and the exciting variety of yarns are combined in a way that celebrates colour and texture. They welcome the opportunity to make custom blankets to suit your preferences. Their standard blanket is aproximately 1.2m x 1.8m but we will gladly make any size you wish.


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