Making a Pom-Pom Snowman

The winter is coming and you have to be prepared! Making the small woolen pom-pom snowman is a great fun and you can make a whole bunch of them in a very short time. Once you made them they can decorate your window sill, Christmas tree or be hung anywhere in the house during the Holiday season. You need very little skill and material to make them, but they will brighten up everyone’s face. Here we will show you how to make it very easy, but if you like you can play with different accessories – hats, scarfs and carrot – or different types of features on your snowman.

Material you will need


a ball of white wool

green pipe cleaner

black pipe cleaner

orange felt

black 3D fabric pen

Making pom-poms

1 Draw a circle measuring approximately 5 cm in diameter on a piece of cardboard with a 2 cm-diameter circle in the centre. Cut out two, and the holes in the centre. Cut out two more 8cm-diameter circles with 2.5 cm holes in the centre.

2 Cut a length of wool about 2 meter long and wind into a small ball that will fit through the hole in the two smaller discs. Start to wind wool around the two discs, binding them together. When the ball of wool is finished, tie the end to the beginning of a new one. Continue to wind wool round the discs until they are completely covered and a hole in the centre is full.

3 Use scissors to cut through all the strands of the wool, with one blade between the two cardboard discs. Hold securely, as the wool will fall away from the discs at this point.

4 Cut a length of wool about 20 cm long and place between the two cardboard discs. Pull the ends together tightly and knot securely. Leave the ends of wool loose.

5 Gently pull the cardboard discs away. If this proves difficult, cut through them. Trim any excess bits of wool and fluff the pom-pom to give it a nice round shape. Repeat from step 2 with the larger discs.

Making snowman

1 Tie the large and small pom-poms together using the wool ends. Trim any uneven bits off.

2 Tie a green pipe cleaner around the snowman’s neck to create a scarf. Twist the black pipe cleaner into a hat shape and place it on his head.

3 Glue on the triangle of orange felt for a carrot nose and use a 3D fabric pen to draw on his eyes and buttons.

Here are some more ideas how your snowman may look like:

Snowman – the  football supporter



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