Make a Denim Pocket Purse From an Old Jeans

The springtime makes us have a good clear out of the wardrobe and you can, rather then throwing out the items that are either threadbare or don’t fit you anymore, try a bit of recycling. Most jeans have really decorative stitched back pockets and this could be the inspiration to make a denim pocketĀ  purse. Pockets really are the perfect size to be used. How to do it?

1. Carefully unpick both back pockets from an old pair of jeans and remove any press studs. Make sure that both pockets fit together when placed back to back, as some pockets are asymmetrical.

2. Measure the top of your pocket and use a zip as close to this length as possible. You will also need to cut two pieces of fabric to use as the lining of your purse. This can also be recycled from a garment. It it nice to choose the colours contrasting to the colour of jeans. Cut the shape of the pocket, but don’t forget to give 2 cm seem allowance on each side.

3. Before sewing the lining, now is a good point to sew any buttons or similar embellishments to make your purse really unique and personal. Use buttons, beads, ribbons, crocheted flowers…

4. Keeping your zip closed, pin one side to the right side of one piece of your lining and also to one of the pockets making sure the right side of the pocket is also facing up and sew. To ensure that all the stitching at the top of your purce is concealed. Repeat the step for the other side of the zip, using the other pieceĀ  of lining and pocket.

5. Keeping the jeans pockets out of the way, sew your lining right sides together so that you have now created the inside pocket or lining of your purce. Trim excess seam away so that it is not too bulky and press all seams flat.

6. Now you are ready to stitch the jeans pockets together and in keeping with jeans stitching style you can simply do this by over sewing as the pocket seams have already been turned in. Try to follow the old stitch line that you originally unpicked to get a really nice finish to the purse.



3 Responses to Make a Denim Pocket Purse From an Old Jeans

  1. Rosie says:

    So do you sew the pouch like any zipper pouch where it’s turned inside out or do you sew the lining sandwich between the pockets and top stitch?

  2. MyKenzi Downs says:

    It took my Grandma and I a long time to figure out. ?
    We finally figured it out though. ?

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