Let’s Be Creative and Make Your Own Needlecase

All of you who do some sewing know that to have a needlecase is a great thing to keep sewing tools tidy and organized. So, this project is a good way to make an order in your craft box or drawer, as much as the nice way to use up your fabric and felt scraps (even the smallest!).

Making your own needlecase is really practical project, but also very pretty. It gives us nice opportunity to be creative, to use the imagination and all possible techniques you know – sewing, embroidery, knitting, embelishing, apliquĂ© – that also mean you may have a chance to practice them in project.

The needlecase is actually a simple booklet with felt pages (just a few of them), and it doesn’t need to be explained particularly. Through the time and practicing hours you will be more skilled and creative.

Material you will need

fabric for the case (app. 50 x 50 cm);

felt squares in different colours  for pages and wadding (app. 20 x 10 cm);

embroidery thread;

embroidery needle;

sewing cotton;

sewing machine;



ribbon (app. 50 cm)

How to make the needlecase

This tutorial is for a basic shape of needlecase, and it might be alternate in different ways – be bigger or smaller, have a different covers, use various decorations…

1 Cut out two pieces of fabric for the cover, both measuring app. 14 x 24 cm and one piece of felt for wadding in the same dimensions.

2 On one piece of the cover fabric do the embroidery (eg write simple text such as ‘MY NEEDLES’ or your name). Now is the time to add major decorations, but bear in mind that some is better to add on the final piece. Whatever you decide to put on the cover of your needlecase, make sure not to get too close to the edges as you will need to allow for stitching allowance of 1 cm.

3 When the major decoration is done, place two pieces of fabric face to face and place the wadding underneath. Pin the three layers into place and sew together 1 cm from the edge. leave a gap on one side so you can turn the case the correct way.

4 Cut the corner tips off for neatness and turn the case the correct way. Iron flat for a neater finish. Hand sew your gap closed.

5 Cut out two pieces of felt for the pages. One need to be app. 19 x 10 cm, and another could be smaller for 0.5 cm of each side. You can use pinking shears to cut them.

6 Lay the needlecase open, then place two pieces of felt on the top. Make sure the felt pieces are central to the case and pin into place. Sew down the centre of the needlecase therefore securing the felt pages into place.

7 Take your ribbon and cut two pieces each measuring app. 20 cm. Pin one piece of ribbon on the inside of the case and hand saw into place. Make sure not to go all the way through as you don’t want to see the stitches on the outside of the case. Repeat with the other piece on the other side of the needlecase (if you are skilled with needle and thread, you may figure out different way of closing the case). Well, your needlecase is ready for your needles!

Here are some finished project that might inspire you.

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