Kate Anderson Fibre Art

Kate Anderson is American fibre artist and she makes amazingly creative and funny objects/teapots. Her work is not just amusement – technically, she make it to perfection. Kate graduated painting from Webster University (St. Louis, MO) and later she took knotting course with Jane Sauer, Craft Alliance (St. Louis, MO).

Kate Anderson 2

Teapots and cups are familiar and comfortable icons; Kate creates them as containers to hold images of visual art icons. Lichtenstein, Warhol, O’Keeffe, Wesselman or Mickey Mouse, they are all there brilliantly re-created into the teapot or cup.

Kate Anderson 1

“Making sculptural art forms by utilizing the repetitive basketry technique called knotting forms the basis of my work regarding content and the blurred edges where art and craft meet.

Kate Anderson 3

High-art/low-art references come into play by utilizing the teapot, a common craft object, as my sculptural archetype juxtaposed with images appropriated from the world of “high art”.

Kate Anderson 4

Quotation, allusion, abstraction, and art/craft references all play a part as the knotting process simultaneously creates both structure and image.”

Kate Anderson 5

During her rich art career, Kate was involved in all aspects of art – creating, managing, educating. Her work is today in museums and galleries, as well as published in many books and publications.

Kate Anderson 7

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