How to Make a Lavander Bag

It is lovely to make a unique lavander bag from antique and vintage fabrics. Once you get started, you can produce a satisfying stack in a short time. You can use even modern fabrics, with interesting prints, as well as various embellishments – ribbons, buttons, lace…. The perfumed millet or wheat grains make the bags heavy and lovely to handle.

Materials You Will Need

All you need is really basics, that you probably already have in your house. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do it completely with hand stitches.

  • pretty fabric of your choice
  • fabric scissors
  • ribbons
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • millet seeds or grains of wheat
  • dried lavender or rose petals
  • funnel
  • needle

Steps How to Make

1. To make the bags, cut out square or rectangular front and back sections from pieces of the fabric. Use contrasting fabrics, such as pretty floral for one side and ticking for the other. Cut lengths of ribbon to make hanging loops.

2. Pin the fabrics together in pairs, with right sides facing. If you are adding a ribbon loop, this needs to be sewn into the seam as the bag is made, so place the looped ribbon between the two right sides of the fabric with the ends sticking out beyond the seam allowance and pin in place.

3. Starting at the end opposite the loop, sew all the way around with a small stitch, leaving a 4 – 5 cm gap along one edge.

4. Turn the bag right sides out and make sure that all the corners are turned out neatly. Mix the millet or wheat grains half and half with your perfumed filling. fill the bags until they are overflowing. Oversaw the gap with tiny stitches.

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