How to Make a Chevron Friendship Bracelet?

Way back when we could make friendship bracelets with our eyes closed. Here is a reminder for the older generations and something very new for today’s teenagers. The friendship bracelets are amazing fun to make and it is a great gift to your BFF or siblings.

The chevron band is one of the easiest to make (it’s just a load of knots after all) except the pattern makes it look quite tricky. So wether you just need reminding, or are total newbie to this style, here are tips for getting knotted!

Material you need

– five skeins of embroidery thread

– a clipboard to hold it in place while you’re making (or you can tape it to your worksurface)

friendship bracelet

How to make it

1 Cut two 60 cm lengths of embroidery thread in each colour. Gather the threads and tie them together with a knot, about 8 cm from the ends. Tape this to a work surface and arrange the threads so the colours are symmetrical.

2 Starting on the left with your first colour (dark pink in this instance), make figure ‘4’ around the strand next to it, and knot it in a forward knot. Repeat the knot, then pull firmly to tighten – but not too tight; it should be a bit chunky.

3 Now do the same with the next strand.So take the dark pink, make a figure ‘4’ around the next strand and knot. Make a second knot and move to move to the next strand.

narukvica 1

4 Continue knotting over each strand, left to right, until the outermost colour has reached the middle of the band (in this instance, after knotting the brown strand).

5 Now do the same with the right side of the bracelet. Start with the outermost again (the dark pink) and make a backwards figure ‘4’, and knot. Remember to make two knots each time.

6 Continue like this with each strand as before, until you reach the middle. When you do, tie both pink threads together with a knot to connect them.

7 Now start the next row of chevrons with the next outermost colour (in this example, the mid pink colour). Keep going until you have enough of a pattern to cover the top of your wrist.

narukvica 2

Tie a knot, and either plait the ends or add the clasp, make sure the band is long enough to go around your entire wrist.

8 You could embellish the band  like we have – folded metal discs look great, or sew a string of rhinestones down the middle for extra festival sparkle.

narukvica 5

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