Homemade tea cosy: Make It in Your Own Way

You can brighten your teatime table with a cheerful and unique teapot cosy, which is both practical and easy to make. Teapot cosies are always popular, and those colourful examples will help make a fun statement on your stall. There is nothing so funny and interesting as serve a nice cup of tea to your friends and family from teapot “dressed” in a beautiful, individually designed cosy!

They are easy to make, either they are knitted, sewn or felted. Just be sure that your choosen materials and techniques are reasonably easy to wash and maintain (unless you want to create a really artistic teapot cosy, which is great too).

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Any theme, style or idea you can think of, and you can bring to life and add a new dimension to your humble teapot. You can personalize them as the lovely present for birthday, Christmas or Easter (coming soon, so start think of it!).

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A tea cosy or tea warmer is used as a teapot cover and it is traditionally made of cloth. It keeps the contents of the teapot warm. Some tea cosies have a removable inserts that can be washed.

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Some tea cosies are hand-knitted, resembling woollen hats, some even feature a bobble decoration on top, which you can use as a handle to remove or lift the tea cosy.

teapot cosy 2

Tea cosy may be made in the style and of from materials that matching sets with items you already have in your kitchen such as tablecloths, oven mittens, or aprons. Cloth tea cosies may be embroidered, perhaps to complement a fine set of china. Some have been made with hidden pockets to be filled with fragrant herbs or flowers, similar to a potpourri.

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Tea¬† cosies came in use in North America in 19th century. Contemporary newspapers of the time have had advice columns on how to make one: “Some very handsome ones are made of remnants of heavy brocade, but linen is generally used, embroidered or not, according to taste, as these covers are washable. Make the covering large enough for your teapot and provide a ring at the top to lift it off with.”

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