Handmade Handbags – Play with Shapes!

Small one large one (why so big??? some will say), elegant or grunge, sophisticated or shabby, colourful or discreet…. the bags could be all of that. And you can make it with a bit of skill, idea and time. Here are some ideas for handmade handbags you can make of your own.

Handmade handbags have gone from being satisfactory to being popular as a fashion accessory. That’s a refreshing development considering so many things nowadays are mass produced.


Whether it be a car, a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, every product we come crossways nowadays is a clone that is identical to hundreds or thousands of others of its kind.

handbag 3

Customized and individualized have been relegated to the sidelines. Not so with handmade handbags; those looking to express their individuality can do so with handmade handbags.

handbag 2

Handmade Handbags Turn Hobbyists Into Entrepreneurs

Making handmade handbags is one practical hobby. Its end result is something the creator or anyone else can use for his or her own purposes. If you have become good at making handmade handbags, there’s a chance that an admiring friend or acquaintance will take notice and ask you to make a handmade handbag for him or her.

2009 0123003-jpg

Then commissions, and orders for more handmade handbags may follow. Before you know it, you’re running a small business making handmade handbags!

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