Get The New Look For Your Home

Here is your inspirational guide to achieving a key look for your home. Choose the style which is the best for your home – which makes you feel comfortable, relaxing and inspiring.

Vintage & Shabby Chic

Combine soft pastel shades with vintage and shabby chic accessories for a look that is inviting and relaxed. Bring home a passion for the past with a fabulous mix of original and vintage-inspired homeware. Antique, retro and upcycled furniture sits with hand-crafted cushions, bunting, china teacups and linens.

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Retro & Vibrant

Use vibrant and fun accessories to liven up your home. The ecclectic mix of hand-produced and vintage gifts and homeware, retro-inspired cushions, neon 60’s-inspired lightning, hand-knitted bed covers. Wall decorations may include retro posters, photographs and pop-art paintings, framed LP records…

interior design retro style Bradley Stephens

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Print & Pattern

Bring bold prints and colourful patterned accessories into your home for an individual look. Enviro-friendly feature wallpaper adds a unique touch to any home. Also, use every possible fabric pattern – stripes, floral, dots, animal, abstract, checkered…. Make a bold combinations of shapes,colours and textures, use ribbons, buttons and all possible decors you like. You can choose a leading colour (navy blue, reds, white…) or inspiration for the look of the room – marine look, African look, Indian style, Morrocan style, floral watercolour look…

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13220667 Animal-print-motif-decor-bedroom-500x500

Period & Antique

Use inspiration from the past for a traditional and classic look that never goes out of fashion. Just one piece of high-quality antique French or Italian furniture can make an amazing touch on your home appearance. In antique shops you can find an ecclestic blend of industrial, Georgian and shabby chic items. Also it is possible to find furniture made with “period” feel but designed with today’s usage in mind. Small decoration as lightning, vases, picture frames, textile, bring your home eternal elegance of the past.

traditional living room living-room-red-painted-walls-european-decorating-home-ideas1

period-lightswitch-03 0000081976 Antique Furniture 4

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