Eggshell mosaic picture frame

This pretty mosaic frame looks so stunning that not many people will guess it’s made from ordinary hens’ eggs. You can use speckled eggs or even pale blue duck eggs if you can find them, but it’s quite easy to colour plain eggshell with watercolour paint. This project is the perfect way to transform that charity shop find. Paint the frame white before you start to give it a neutral finish. 

Material you will need

– pointed craft scissors, pencil, embossing tools, flat spatula or palette knife

– aluminium drinks can

– scrap of paper

– flat picture frame, painted white

– kitchen paper, sponge, soft cloth

– strong PVA glue or epoxy resin, masking tape

– fine and medium paintbrushes

– eggshells

– bamboo skewer

– black watercolour paint

– mosaic grout

– matt acrylic varnish

eggshell mosaic picture frame


How to make it

Using pointed craft scissors, carefully pierce an aluminium can and cut around the top and bottom. Cut along the length to create a rectangle. Made a paper template to fit the corners of your frame and use it to cut four squares from the aluminium rectangle.

2 Lay a piece of aluminium cut on a pad of folded kitchen paper.  Draw a border on the silver side of the metal squares using fine embossing tool. Turn the metal square on the reverse side and emboss a heart in the middle. To keep the metal flat, turn it again the silver side and and finish it filling the space around the heart with a little embossed dots.

3 Use a strong PVA glue or epoxy resin to stick the aluminium squares onto the corners of the frame. Wrap masking tape across the corners to hold the squares in place until dry.

4 Wash out eggshells and boil in a pan of water for a few minutes to sterilize. When cool, peel away the membrane from inside the shell. Be sure that you prepare enough eggshells for the size of the frame. Break the eggshells into small pieces and stick to the frame with PVA glue diluted with a little water.


Once that glue is dried, mix black watercolour paint with water to make a wash and paint the pieces of eggshell to create a mottled effect. Leave to dry for about 1 hour.

6 Mix some mosaic grout with a little water to make a thick cream. Fill the gaps between the pieces of eggshell with grout to create a smooth surface. Using a flat-edged spatula or palette knife, gently smooth the grout into the crevices, allow to dry for a few minutes, then carefully remove as much of the excess grout as possible with the spatula. Leave to dry for a few more minutes, then wipe clean with a barely damp sponge. Keep rinsing the sponge out in water as you go until the surface is clean but the crevices are still filled with grout. Leave to dry completely, then gently polish the surface with a soft cloth. Apply matt acrylic varnish over the mosaic to finish.


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