Ed and Kate Coleman’s Ceramics

Is it possible to look at the ceramic vase or a small cup, and have a feeling of pure joy? Is it possible to look at the ceramic bowl with apples and imagine it dances? Can you hear the music watching Ed and Kate Coleman’s ceramic creations? I could, and I can tell you it is a cheerful, energetic music that makes this world a better place to live. Ed and Kate are a husband and wife artistic team who create amazing ceramic vases, bowls, tumblers, mugs, and clocks. Ed and Kate Coleman each started working with clay at the age of fifteen, taking ceramics classes at the Indianapolis Art Center. After receiving their Fine Arts Degrees, they opened their first ceramic studio in 2000. They’ve recently made North Carolina their home, moving to the mountains near Asheville.

Ed and Kate Coleman’s studio on Big Flats Mountain in North Carolina is home to the couple’s whimsical “clique” designs. Their large and small wall ceramic tiles feature colorful designs with both abstract and recognizable forms. Their ceramic clocks are reminiscent of an updated mid-century aesthetic that reflects their charming and quirky style.

“We like working within the parameters of a series, keeping each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. This process allows our art to continuously grow and move in dynamic ways. We hope that the excitement we feel when making a piece is evident and transferred to the owners of our work.”

Ed and Cate Coleman’s ceramics are purposefully simple – made for everyday use.  The life is made simpler, more beautiful, and more livable when surrounded by things made by hand. Each ceramic vase design in this series is inspired by nature – plants, landscapes, and wildlife.

Ed and Kate Coleman’s work is either thrown on the wheel or hand built, using slabs. After the bisque fire, the pieces are fired a final time in a mid-range, oxidation firing. Their ceramic Clique Mugs are about 4.5 to 5 inches tall and approximately 4 inches in diameter at their rim.

The small clique ceramic tiles  come in a delightful variety of designs. The large tiles are approximately 10” square with graphic, three-dimensional details.

The ceramic box clocks can hang vertically or horizontally. Their other colorful clocks vary in shapes and sizes from 4″ to 14.”

For full info please visit Ed and Kate Coleman website  and check all range of their ceramic design products.


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  1. Bambi Anderson says:

    I would love to purchase one of the colorful mugs pictured on this site. Please advise. I would really appreciate hearing from you! Thanks

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