Country Style Interior Design Ideas

Country style interior design is recognizable by natural elements that in combination make the impression of cozy, warm and friendly home. Country style suits perfectly to rural, countryside areas – it can bring the features of the landscape into the interior. The country style stone cottages or wooden houses are very popular living space. Simple in style outside, but inside, the unique features, wooden furniture recovered and bring back to life and unique textile features – keeping everybody feel good and inspiring.

Today we live quickly and it is great to have an interior style that could give you full comfort and relaxing atmosphere after a working day. Country style can give you all this, often with a minimum of effort. Just look around for natural elements – furniture piece, home decors, interesting ceramics, textiles, wallpapers –  and take a bit of time to put them together in your country style interior.

Look for the old furniture, and with a bit of paint refresh it and make the central piece of the room. The devil is in details, so take your time to search for lovely vase, rare carpet or piece of decorative cloth which you can use for making curtains.


Pine wood is a good choice because it often features different knots  which give it an rough appearance. A wood beamed ceiling is popular and with it in your home half a job is already done. White birch furnishings is a must in creating rustic and appealing look. Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring. Flooring might be an important feature in your country style home decorating. Its rough quality has a excellent country look and feel.


Stone is an excellent choice for a fireplace or an wall in a country style interior. Its unique quality and look will provide great visual texture to your home. Stone tiles work great for flooring. Stone floors are mostly in use in southern areas, with more sun. Also for kitchens, usage of reclaimed tiles (completely or mixed with new stuff) gives the great effect.


The best way to look for interesting metalwork is to check antique fairs and different sales. The choice of lamps, chandeliers, candle holders, newspaper racks, and metal furniture can be easily find and restored. All this can find a right place in a rustic environment.

The choice of colour scheme for your home is absolutely up to you. It really depend of your personal taste, inspiration you use in decorating, tradition in area where the house is and style you choose. If you prefer a hunting lodge-look style, your colours are earthy shades with accents in brighter colours. If you more for Scandinavian style – there are lots of whites, light and cheerful colours with plenty of printed textiles. Consulting the literature is a good idea, not just to copying the ideas, but to create your own.

Fabrics and textile accesories are the funnies part of decorating and you can really play with different styles, colours, prints… The best choice, however, are natural fabrics, easy for maintaining and combining.

A hand-woven or crocheted blankets sometimes are quite enough to give to your space an unique country look. Plaid and stripes are also a good option option. Just be careful not to make your room too busy with too many different  items.

Leather upholstery is a fine choice for sort of country log-cabin style. Usually, soft leather sofas and chairs are very comfortable. Even if the leather is a bit worn out, they look gorgeous.  Country style interior design is a perfect style choice if you want to live in a warm, simple and comfortable home that is connected with natural surrounding.




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