Box-making Technique

Box-making is also known by the French term “cartonnage” and coversĀ  variety of techniques. In its simplest form, this craft consists of cutting a form from flat card using a template, cutting out the shape, scoring and folding, then assembling it into a box. Gift boxes are readily available from stationer and craft shops but it’s much more fun – and cheaper – to make your own.

Material you need

– medium thick card paper (patterned or solid colour), size A3

– scissors, paper knife, metal ruler

– cutting mat

– double-sided sticky tape

– tissue paper for the paper straw (optional)


How to make it

1 Transfer the box template (see picture below) to the back of a sheet of A3 card, then score along all internal fold lines using the back of a paper knife blade and the metal ruler.

2 Cut out the box using the paper knife or, if you prefer, scissors. Take care not to snip into the internal fold lines.

3 Fold inwards along the scored lines, making sure each crease is sharp.

4 Apply a piece of double-sided sticky tape to the right side of the end flap.

box template

5 peel off the backing paper from the tape and press the end flap into position to form the four sides of the box.

6 Fold the two pairs of larger flaps inwards. Decide which will be the top and bottom, then stick a strip of double-sided sticky tape to each of the larger flaps on the base and press the square base onto these flaps. Tuck in the smaller side flap, leaving the top open, ready for filling.

The box you have just made is a great for packing a presents for your friends and family. When you make your own boxes you can personalize them and decorate them in so many ways. You can add ribbons or glue some sequins on the box, or simply paint it.

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