An Easy Craft Project: Twine Wrapped Glass

Garden twine has a lovely natural texture and is great to use in this simple and costless yet effective project. By dyeing batches of the twine with special textile dyes (Dylon, Rit Dye, iDye, TulipĀ® Permanent Fabric Dye…) you can create colour combinations to suit your home interior. This project is very easy to realize that you can also involved your children or it can be a great school art class project.

Material needed:

1 ball of natural garden twine (available in good hardware stores);

Dylon (or other similar) fabric dye for hand use;

Vases or glasses to wrap around;

Double sided sticky tape (available in stationery or hardware shops);


How to make it:

1 For each colour you have chosen cut at least 10 m of twine off the main ball and set to one side. The lengths you cut off will depend on how many of each coloured stripe you are going to have. 10 m should be fine to cover three vases. Then following the instructions on your chosen colour packs, submerge your lengths into pans of dye and leave for appropriate time, remove, rinse and dry. Once all the twine is dry, loosely wrap it into manageable bundles.

2 Choose the shape of vase to cover; you can use some straight sided glasses or a juice bottle. Then using double sided sticky tape, wrap the around the very top and bottom of your vase and also vertically along one edge. See image 1.

3 Start with natural coloured or dyed twine. Press it tightly onto the sticky tape, slightly splaying the end. As you wrap the twine around the vase you will trap this splayed end (See image 2). Keep wrapping until you have the desired width of your stripe. Make sure you cut the twine so the now cut end can also stick onto a vertical stripe of double sided tape (See image 3).

4 Take another colour that you prepared earlier and butt the end right up to the last piece of twine and again press tightly to the double-sided sticky tape. Start to wrap this colour around the vase. After the few turns add a drop of superglue to where the two colours join to prevent the twine from fraying (See image 4).

5 Again keep wrapping this coloured twine until you reach the desired width of that stripe.

6 Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 alternating colours and thicknesses of stripe until you reach the bottom of your vase.

Try not to use too complicated a shape vase as the twine may become tricky to wrap evenly. Always ensure you start and finish your twine on the vertical strip of double-sided sticky tape.

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