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The National Museum of Decorative Painting was created in 1982 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and displaying the art of decorative painting. The Museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, houses over 1500 examples of decorative painting of historical and contemporary significance and of artistic merit. Additionally, the Museum provides exhibitions and educational programs for the public to increase their appreciation and understanding of decorative painting, its heritage, methods, and techniques.

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The mission National Museum of Decorative Painting of the is to promote
understanding and appreciation of decorative painting by saving
outstanding and significant historic and contemporary works, maintaining
exhibitions, and providing educational opportunities to the public.

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The Historic Collection presents painting and decoration of functional objects that come from different parts of the world. The basis of this collection is traditional folk painting.


The Contemporary Collection is consisted of the artwork from the late 20th century. The objects are mostly a products of trend of reviving the traditional paintings on functional objects (kitchenware, boxes, furniture…).


Current exhibition 100 Angels, present a collestion of woodcarved and hand-painted angel figures. Whether inspired by personal beliefs, nature, literature, history or different decorative style, the resulting choire of angels is just breathtaking. The entire collection is presented in the accompanying, hard-cover publication, 100 Angels.


Visit the Museum located at 1406 Woodmont Lane, Atlanta, GA 30318.

The Museum is open from 11-4 Monday-Friday or by appointment.

For inquiries or information, please call (404) 351-1151.

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