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Yas-Ming Ceramics is a collaboration between Yasmin Dilekkaya and Ming Wai Sun. The pair have been working together since they graduated. Their products are fun and functional with animal heads and bums going in and out of ceramic tableware in place of conventional handles. Their process involves slip casting, press moulding and hand building techniques. All work is designed by Ming Wai and Yasmin and handmade in England. All Yas-Ming Ceramics are made in their Kent studio and in a small factory in Stoke-on-Trent.
yas ming 2
Both Ming Wai Sun and Yasmin Dilekkaya studied Applied Arts at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester.  The work stems from combining their individual practices in an attempt to make products that would sell in a University fund raiser.  Since then the work has evolved and developed with new product lines added regularly.

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The main process used is slip casting, but press moulding and hand building techniques are also used. Moulds are made and then used to slip cast the animals, cups, bowls and dishes. The animals are then carefully joined to the cups by hand. Such clever use of names for each collection – Rawr, Moo, Oink and Squeak – just makes you want one of each even more.

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Being part of London Design Festival was an exciting part of 2012, the craft Market saw Yas-Ming Ceramics forming new links with other creative businesses and exciting new retailers. Links were also established with mould makers and a manufacturer in Stoke on Trent, which has led to production increasing and new products have been introduced. Yas-Ming Ceramics products continue to be introduced and sold in more shops and boutiques across the UK, France, Spain, Hong Kong and Japan.

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Mugs have one function: to hold a certain amount of liquid for one`s drinking pleasure. Often, its designs differ only in print and height. Every so often, a quirky idea comes along and breaks the mold. In this case, quite literally.

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