Unique Jewelry Design by Kyoko Hashimoto

Kyoko Hashimoto is a Japanese born, Australian raised jewelry designer. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Kyoko went on to exhibit at Sydney’s most influential galleries including Object, Quadrivium and Art Gallery of New South Wales. In 2005 she moved to Tokyo where the lure of the city’s vibrant underground fashion and music scene inspired her to start a new jewelry label.

Drawing from early reference points in both eastern and western ideologies, Kyoko Hashimoto creates refreshingly unique pieces of jewelry that are sophisticated, bold and feminine. Using premium material and construction techniques, each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted by Kyoko in her studio in Sydney, Australia.

In May of 2010, Kyoko and her partner Guy Keulemans co-founded a studio / showroom  We Are All Made of Stuff in the Reuterkeitz district of Berlin, as platform for showcasing up and coming designers of fashion accessories and object design from around the globe.

Kyoko Hashimoto said about her work, “I love reading about the history of jewellery and fashion. Jewelry as a national fashion was at its height when Queen Victoria was mourning the death of her husband Prince Albert. She was so iconic and influential that the whole of England also went into a phase of mourning, and sentimental jewelry became very popular. I like thinking about the notion of sentimentality in jewelry, and I wanted to create a collection reflecting the same sense of nostalgia and longing, but in a contemporary context. So I chose environmentalism as a theme and made jewelry to mourn extinct animals, threatened by industry and environmental destruction. “

Kyoko Hashimoto’s  conceptual background continues to inform her fashion collections, which have progressed in sensitivity and beauty through to her latest collections, Seducing the Bowerbird and Shadow of Lula.

For more info please visit Kyoko Hashimoto website

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