The Secret Life of Socks: Gordana Rakulj Radovanovic’s Dollmaking

“The secret life of socks” is the place where socks lives their own magic life. This new life give them¬† Gordana Rakulj Radovanovic, sculptor and applied artist. Gordana¬† came across the many pictures, tutorials and books about dollmaking, and she got an idea to make her own dolls. She tried to do something else and new. She learned the process of making dolls step by step, and each new project gave her the great joy and she happily started every new doll.

doll 2

Gordana never lack of inspiration – her inspiration is around her all the time – it could be a good illustration, the cartoon, or the character from children’s book she read to her son before sleep. Mostly she find an inspiration in the life around, her thoughts and imagination. And her son loves each new doll.

Gordana Rakulj 1

All Gordana’s dolls are made by hands and she rarely use sewing machines. As the socks are stretchable material it’s sometimes hard to work with them and the working process demand a lots of skill and patience.

As the professional sculptor Gordana was for long time interested in dollmaking, and she made the research of the history of dolls. Also she’s organizing workshops where she share her knowledge and passion for dolls.

doll 3

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