“The Mallet” (1977) by Aleksandar Ilic

For his films Ex-Yugoslav and Serbian director Aleksandar Ilic has received seventy-two awards, both in the country and abroad.¬† Film “The Mallet”, the author’s best achievement , is considered one of the peaks of the “Belgrade school of documentary.”

This short movie, an allegory for stopping all those people who are different in any possible way, took first prize in the most important festivals. The black chick from the film became so popular in Yugoslavia that the public was interested in his fate. Journalists found him in a household in Indjija, small town in Serbia. And so in life, like in a movie, the story got its happy ending.


“The Mallet” (1977) was shot accidentally. At that time Ilic was doing¬† radio film about agriculture in Yugoslavia for “Yugoslavia audience”. In one of chicken production factory he saw the conveyor belt on which the selection of chicken was made . Black chicks are less advanced in the process of fattening. Genetic Service of the factory eliminated all black chicks, and if some came on the conveyor belt for the selection, ended up in the container, and finally – under the mallet. White chicks were preffered. Aleksandar Ilic was a horrified. The act reminded him of Hitler’s concentration camp. After all, everyone would have their own interpretation, metaphor …

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