The Cushions That Making the Difference in Your Living Space

The cushions can transform a living space when used either to define a particular living area, to create atmosphere, or simply for their beauty and style alone and there are a wealth of designer cushions to choose from on the market today. The mix and match designs and styles create an individual look and use of a traditional range to compliment an existing decor. The more contemporary line leaving scope for later additions.

Cushions make the sofa comfortable to sit on and to sleep on. However, your sofa or chair will not be as attractive if you do not put cushion covers on your cushions.


Cushion covers do not just hide the flaws of your cushions but it makes your cushions more appealing. Cushion covers are great but looking at the same colour and pattern for months can make it look boring and ordinary. When you start having this kind of impression every time you look at your cushion covers then it is time to re-invent them.

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Here are some cushion cover ideas that can help bring your old cushion covers back to life.

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1. Trimmings or frills play a huge role in making your cushion covers look appealing. If you are tired of looking at the same trimmings then you can always change them. There is no need to tear apart your cushion cover all you have to do is wrap the old trim with the new trim and stitch it on the edge of your cushion covers. When doing this make sure that the old trim is completely covered. You can use different or contrasting colours for your trim.


2. If the whole cushion cover is getting boring, do not get rid of it instead make patches. Adding patches will make your cushion cover look like a quilt. You can use different colours for your patches just make sure that it does not clash with each other. Instead, the colours that you use for patches must complement each other. No need to tear the cushions covers, just stitch the patches directly unto them.


3. Another way to reinvent cushion covers is by making sleeves out of different fabrics and colours. This mixture of fabric and colours will surely bring your boring cushion covers to life.


There is no need to buy new cushion covers. Save money by reinventing your old cushion covers, it is like making new ones from the old ones.

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