Stenciled cabinet

Lace fabric and handmade doilies can easily be best described as granny style, but these flea market staples are the perfect stencil to update an old dresser, cabinet or table in minutes with a modern flair.

With just a little bit of colourful spray paint and spray adhesive, you can embellish a boring piece of furniture with the intricate design of the fabric that looks more gorgeously grand than granny.

After you find a suitable piece of furniture you want to re-style, choose lace fabric (such as netting curtains), cotton or paper doilies. You can use whatever size you can find an even combine more designs together. You will need spray adhesive, contrasting latex spray paint, and fabric glue (for lace pillows).

stenciled cabinet

Spray a light coat of spray adhesive on the furniture’s surface you want to stencil. Lay the piece of lace fabric or doily on top, and use your fingers to press it down firmly. Spray a light coat of spray paint over the stencil, using a contrasting colour to existing colour of the furniture.

Spray several coats of spray paint until you achieve the desired effect; remember that a little paint does go a long way. Peel off the stencil and allow it to dry.

doily pillow

To make a lace ¬†pillows, use a fabric glue to attach the doilies wherever you want on the pillow. Use small dots of glue all over the back of the doily, and press it into place. It is easier to work with a flat surface, so remove the pillow’s insert if possible. Allow it to dry completely before use.

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