Set of Coasters

Make this fun set of fruit-themed coasters using plain white ceramic bathroom or kitchen tiles. All four coasters require the same techniques – it is just the design that changes. You can always add more designs if you like to have a set of six or eight coasters, but we can advise you to stick to simple shapes and designs or just repeat those shown in this article.

Material you will need

– 4 white ceramic tiles 10 x 10 cm

– cloth

– white spirit

– card or thick paper

– pencil, ruler, scalpel or scissors

– cutting mat, masking tape

– ceramic paints in turquoise, yellow, peridot green and brown

– make-up sponge

– medium-size flat paintbrush, fine paintbrush

tile coasters

How to make it

1 Clean the surface of the tile using a clean cloth dipped in white spirit. leave to dry. Make a simple templates of the fruit shapes and transfer them onto card. Cut out carefully using a scalpel, so that you actually have two stencils: a solid fruit shape and its frame (see picture below, left).

tiles pictures 1 and 2

2 Stick the solid fruit stencil to the tile with masking tape loops stuck on the underside of the stencil. pressing the edges of the stencil down to avoid seepage, sponge on the turquoise paint. Leave to dry for 30 minutes, then remove the stencil (see picture above, right).

3 Using a medium-size flat paintbrush paint the body of the fruit with a generous amount of paint – yellow for the lemon, orange for the orange, red for the apple and green for the pear (see picture below, left). Leave a thin, unpainted border around the shape for effect. Rinse the brush.

tiles pictures 3,4,5

4 When the paint of the fruit is completely dry, paint the leaf in peridot green using a fine paintbrush. Rinse and dry the brush, then paint the stalk brown: try to paint it in just one or two even strokes (see picture above, middle).

5 Leave the tile to dry for 24 hours. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to apply to other designs to three more tiles so that you have a full set. Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions to set the colours.

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