Scrapbooking: The Introduction

Making a scrapbook is similar to creating a painting, the only difference being the innumerable options you have to fill up and decorate your scrapbook. If you are into arts and crafts, then scrapbooking would be something that you obviously have enjoyed right from the childhood. Scrapbooking projects are not only one of the most interesting and fun craft activities, but they are also ways to collect information or interesting facts and even cherish fond memories.


Making a scrapbook is like creating a miniature world within a small book that captures memories, information, facts and colors to fascinate and enthrall you every time you have a look at it. Scrapbooks allow you complete artistic control to shape a few pieces of scraps into a beautiful keepsake filled with memories, dreams, art, color, glitter, and anything else that your heart wishes for.


If you are a beginner at scrapbooking, you can start scrapbooking using a DIY scrapbooking kit, which gets you started with all the basic scrapbooking requirements. However using a scrapbooking kit, will limit your creativity and the choices of designs and patterns that you wish to incorporate in your scrapbook.

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Once you know how the whole scrapbooking thing works, start making your own scrapbook pages, with the materials that you like, and incorporate you own unique ideas to express yourself and decorate the scrapbook.


A scrapbook can have any random theme under the sky starting from special occasions and festivals to friends and family or even your hobbies and educational interests. When you are looking for scrap booking ideas to get you started on a scrapbooking project – the sky is the limit.


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