Quick Ideas for Children’s Room Decoration

It is really important to teach your children from earliest age to preciate and love to live in nice and organized space. The good way to do this is to introduce them in crafting, of course on the level appropriate to their age.

Making children room’s decorations and creating a nice place for them to spend their time could be beneficial in many ways. You teach them about creativity and encourage their own. Involving your child in the process of the making stuff, keep them busy and make them feel helpful and excited.


children 9

As on the picture above, you can find some nice soft textiles and plenty of different embellishing details, and make a big cushion in the shape of the first letter of your child’s name. You can carefully embroid the name or the word connected with the name – Bella / Beautiful, Sheila / Sweet, Thomas / Tough, Brian / Brave…. and so on.



Paper work is a real fun, and it is easy even for younger children to make it. All you need is bunch of colour papers (it could be also magazine paper, brochures, paper napkins…). You can make fantastic paper flowers, and glue them on the special board or the wall, or you can find a branch and stick to it your own leaves in various colours.

children 8

Making paper chains is very easy and kids just love it! You can help them to choose and cut papers, but they can do the main job and also choose where they want to place the chain when it is finished. It looks great above the bed or on the window. By choosing specific colour scheme, it is possible to create chains for the spring, autumn, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays…


Look at those funny boats or birdie houses! It is easy to make them – all you need is a paper, colours and plenty of good spirits. Feel free to encourage your child to use all the imagination and let them to suggest, choose and actually make things.

children 3

This Easter chicken family will be great company to your child…. Do you think they will have the names? I bet they will…

children 6

If your child have a collection of books you can wrap them in different wrapping papers. That will for sure protect the covers while the child is still young and a bit clumsy, and it is beautiful decoration on the wall.

children 5

This wall clock will certainly help your smaller child to learn quickly how to say exact time. It take a bit more time and skill, but, if you turn a cheap and basic clock in something amazing, it could be a great gift to your child.

children 4

Good old cushions are always nice material for creative people. Design them in different ways – plain background and embroidered drawing on it (could be transfered drawing that made your child), the cushion embellished with felted shapes (like on the picture above) and might be the story your child told you, the cushion made as crazy patchwork…

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