Pretty Christmas Napkins

These floral Christmas napkins will brighten up your table no end – and they don’t have to match. It is floral, funny and refreshing. You can also create place-name cards by sticking patterned masking tape to a folded piece of card and writing on each guest’s name.

Material you need

– a selection of floral cotton fabrics

– patterned masking tape

– Sharpie pen

Christmas napkins

How to make it

1 Cut fabric into 40 x 40 cm squares. Iron a double-folded 5 mm hem on all four sides, snipping the corners to make neater folds and topstitch the hem all the way around.

2 Repeat until you have made enough napkins for all of your guests.

3 Make napkins into pockets by folding up the bottom third, then folding the two sides under. Tuck a set of cutlery into each and pin on fabric flowers, badges or your favourite motif.

4 Write festive messages or guest’s names on strips of patterned masking tape and stick them to the napkin.

These lovely napkins can be personalised for each of your guests. You can use a quite different patterns and colours – it only can make your final result more interesting and unique.

As for decorations pinned to each napkin, you may like to make some simple fabric flowers, pom-pom’s garlands, you can use some beads and various applications.


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