Photography: AORTA

Aorta consists of Swedish photographer duo Marco Grizelj and Kristian Kran, their signature work is “semi-documentary fashion photography”.


The duo thinks cinematic and their photographs are often shot on location – They enjoy entering the idea process at an early stage and they like doing their own retouching….


Their commercial clients include Toyota, SFR France, Dagens Nyheter, Skandia and Rodebjer. The editorial assignments inlcude Bon, Fjords, Odd, and NK Stil.


Their work consists of cinematographic photographs that are usually taken on site, which means that the scenario we see is not entirely photoshop work.

Aorta03 Aorta00

They portray episodes of everyday life but with a sense of fashion leading to the extreme: a housewife with her daughter, a faint, a student library, a lady painting her nails. Achieving a high level of manipulation and changes, the images look like paintings hyperrealist and lead us to a world of plastic, barbies.


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