Pencil Rolls

This neat little pencil roll is just great for the start of a new school year, for keeping together favourite pencils or even brushes and little tubes of make-up. You can add initials, name tags or button decorations if you wish, too. You can use different materials, make a patchwork design or appliquè.

Material you need

– colouring pencils and other stationery bits

– felted woolen blanket

– tape measure

– tailor’s chalk

– fabric scissors

– pins

– iron

– sewing machine

– sewing thread

– ribbons; three wide ribbons and one narrow

– buttons if desired

pencil roll

How to make the pencil roll

1 Gather up the number of pencils that you have to pop into your finished roll and anything else that might be useful to add to your gift (brushes, ruler, eraser…)

2 Mark out and then cut a rectangle of woollen blanket material that is taller than all of the pieces of stationary you have chosen and long enough to space out all the pencils, with about 10 cm extra. If there is a finished hem on the blanket, use that one of the longest sides.

3 Then, on the inside of the roll, lay the three pieces of ribbon across the width of the rectangle and pin them in place, ensuring that all the pins are clear of the edges of the blanket.

4 You now need to neaten the sides around the roll. Turn over all the unfinished edges and make a hem about 1 cm wide. Pin them in place, press and then use zigzag stitch to sew them down. The ends of the ribbon should be hidden under the hem.

5 Then, using straight stitch on the machine, sew up and down in lines at 90º to the ribbons to create tubes that are wide enough for the pencils to slip into.

6 Finally, fold the piece of narrow ribbon in half and machine sew it to the centre of one of the short edges to make a tie. Hem the unfinished ends, too, with the machine.

Add buttons if you like to decorate. When you have finished, pop the pencils and other little bits of stationery in, roll it up towards the ribboned side, wrap the ribbon around the roll and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Here are some inspirations:


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