Patrick Commecy’s street art

Many buildings has build with no aim to impress us. Ugly gray wall of the building is not something that pleases anybody’s eye and often makes the whole area of the town so unattractive. French street artist Patrick Commecy decided to fight back. His murals transform dull and boring facades around France into vibrant scenes full of life.

Patrick Commecy street art 5

On the bare walls Patrick and his team of artists create the wonderful paintings full of life and bursting with colours. Real windows mix with the painted, real people with the most amazing characters create an illusion of the space and perspective. Stairs and cheerful shops and cafés show up where there weren’t before.

Patrick Commecy street art 9

Patrick main goal is to make something beautiful, entertain and make people happy. He’s adjusting his design to the local lifestyle, tradition and history.

Patrick Commecy’s style is hyperrealistic and inspired with comic art. Each of his artworks is well thought and designed, so it fits naturally in the surrounding area.  Patrick likes to incorporate local famous people from the town into his work.

An example would be his trompe l’oeil mural in the town of Montpellier where he cleverly six influential residents of Montpellier including Antoine Jérôme Balard, the scientist who discovered bromine.



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