Patchwork Noticeboard

Here is an interesting project on how to make a decorative patchwork¬† noticeboard for your kitchen or study, or children’s room.¬† You can try to make the kind of patchwork that you would like to own on a number of occasions. But not the simple machined squares; you can go for other shapes, too. Also, you can cheat. Paper can be just effective as chintz or flannel scraps. Try to make it – it’s a real fun!

notice board

Material you need

– plain cork notice board

– paint or scraps of fabric for the frame

– paintbrush or pasting brush

– patchwork hexagon template

– vintage wrapping papers or wallpapers

– PVA glue

– box of pushpins

– gift tag

How to make it

1 Paint the frame of the noticeboard. Water-based acrylics are easy to use for this as they are low in odour and you can wash pots and brushes in water. Or use PVA glue to stick fabric all over it in the same way as for the lamp in one of our projects. Wait for this to dry completely.

patchwork board

2 Then make the hexagon templates (you can draw a shape in Office Word, for example. Then use the templates to cut shapes out of the decorative papers, printed pictures, old maps, old photos, even scraps of fabric.

3 Using PVA glue and a brush, paste the backs of the hexagons and stick them to the cork board. Push the pieces at the edges or the cork board underneath the wooden frame if possible, or trim them to fit perfectly. Work your way around the noticeboard, butting all the hexagons edge to edge until no cork is left showing.

4 Ad a little box of pushpins and fix your gift tag to the board. The other option is to stretch a simple twine across the board and just stuck your notes or postcards on it (or you can use small, wooden pegs).

map wall board

If all of this is to complicated for you, track down an old map and stick that to the cork board using PVA glue.

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