Online Photography Classes

Online photography schools and classes are more and more popular. The Internet is now available to many people, even remote and rural areas, where it is not easy to enter the photography course. The photography is now ubiquitous and commonplace, we are taking photos everywhere – at home, on holiday, on the street, alone or with friends and family. Many people realize they have a gift and want to learn more. Unfortunately, it was not always possible, until the first photography online courses were established.



Online photography classes offer us the possibility to, often with the help of tutors, learn all that we always wanted to know about photography. Also, online photography schools enhance our already acquired knowledge and crystallize it.



Personal tutors are experienced professional or semi-professional photographers. They are available to answer any question about photographic subject, also they will recommend you useful literature and lead you through the course following your sensitivity and interests.

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With a lot of practical work (you will uploading your photos for critique), on the final exams you might have the theoretical test which will be hold online. The practical final project carry more weighting: you will be able to show all your creativity and knowledge.



Some online photography schools offer different levels of courses. As the beginner you can start with basics both in technical and aesthetical meaning. On higher levels you can take specialists classes such as black and white photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, documentary photography…


The course’s duration, schedule and programme may vary from school to school, as much as the prices (could be from 150 – 500, and much higher if school is highly profiled). Most of the schools will issue certificates on the ending of the course, which credibility depends on the reputation the school you choose has.

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