Neutral colours in home interiors

A quiet, comfortable and harmonious – is this description of the ideal home that we all envision and desire? These are first associations when you think about the interior of neutral colors. Therefore, it is always useful to use this color scheme in home decoration.

Neutral colors are beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and white. All shades of gray and brown are suitable for unpretentious decorated sitting corner, but the impression can be completely changed with some glamorous details, such as tufted carpets, modern and impressive glass table or decorative mirror. Similar atmosphere can be achieved in the bedroom, where matt surfaces and soft light enhances the impression of peace and harmony, while fans of a minimalistic luxury will choose blankets and cushions of neutral colors.

The variety of textures in neutral and natural colors infuses peace and calm in the home atmosphere. To add interest to the interiors, the best solution would be to use of different textures on the floor, walls and furniture.

The curtains, window draperies, slipcovers and pillows, all should adhere to the theme. While textures add character and drama to the home, colors give them a feel. So, everything you choose should be in sync with the effect.

Light brown, gray and beige shades are ideal for bathrooms design due to their mostly modest dimensions. Make sure that the interior is not too monotonous, so refresh the palette contrasting geometric pattern details or using towels of warm colors. In your living room you can use warm accent colors – a red rug on the floor, or a throw on the couch. Then to ‘cool’ it down, use aqua or mint green in flower arrangements, pillows and pictures.


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