“Moments” by William Hoffman

William Hoffman is a 23 year old filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. He’s interested in fiction and nonfiction — but mostly the space in between. To learn more about Will, visit his website at http://www.anyoneeverything.com. For more information on his current projects and collection of short films, visit his production company ~ Everynone at (www.everynone.com).

Back in 2009, the folks at RadioLab tackled another big question: “What happens at the moment when we slip from life…to the other side? Is it a moment? If it is, when exactly does it happen? And what happens afterward?”

The show inspired filmmaker Will Hoffman to shoot a video the meditates on the little moments that give life (and death) their meaning. Some moments stand in isolation. Others moments are connected, creating a link between birth and death, cause and effect, beginnings and ends. In this audio clip, Hoffman talks with RadioLab co-host Robert Krulwich about the vision informing the video simply called Moments. And, if it delights, don’t miss two other Hoffman/RadioLab productions, one simply called Words, the other Symmetry.

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