Mister Finch: The World of Textile Sculptures

Finch lives in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK and he creates the whole new world of creatures. Under the brand name Mister Finch, he is making unusual textile objects/sculptures using recycled textiles, without any official art training, but with a plenty of talent, good will, and skill. It is easy to be involved in the story which Finch is telling. It is a story of everyone who once was the child. It is a story that brings us into our own past, when we were amazed with nature and frightened by darkness.

Mister Finch’s textile creatures are mostly inspired by the nature. He’s fascinated with flowers, insects and birds, their shapes and textures, as well as with their extraordinary nests and behaviour.

Watching Finch’s creatures, one can feel like walking through the enchanted woods – there are gigantic spiders and butterflies, rabbits with masks, cunning foxes, fragile fishes and owls. All made perfectly neat and subtle.

Also British folklore is so rich in fabulous stories and warnings, which inspires Finch to make shape shifting witches, moon gazing hares and a smartly dressed devil ready to invite you to stray from the path.

Finch says, “Humanising animals with shoes and clothes is something I’ve always done and I imagine them to come alive at night. Getting dressed and live our their secret night life maybe helping and elderly shoemaker or the tired housewife.”

Most of Mister Finch’s pieces use recycled materials, not only as an ethical statement, but he believe they add more authenticity and charm. “Velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures to have.
Storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten…”

His soft sculptures made of textile materials  such as vintage aprons, old wedding dresses and curtains which give these charming characters a sense of mystery. The embroidered flowers and rough stitched details give the pieces additional touch of mystery and bring us in a surreal world of magical fairy tales.  His unique work is truly inspiring.

As he wrote on his website –  he “works alone and makes everything himself by hand in a studio full of books, glass jars and naughty cats.”

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