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It is very nice thing to decorate the home with personal items. The objects that mean something to you and your family. Even better is you made it yourself. Creating a personalised memory box is one of the projects that are so fun to make and such a pleasure to look at or give as a present. The memory box can be filled with a nostalgic collection of family mementos: old black-and-white framed photos, vintage toy cars, someone’s favourite dolls, souvenirs from vacations and family trips, a letter for the child to read when they are older, rolled up like a scroll, and other miniature objects.

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As a finishing touch, you can then decoupage the back of each compartment with stamps from the family collection, postcards, photographs or various paper cuttings. Or simply use wallpapers, fabric pieces or paint. You can make a memory box as a present or just for yourself. What goes inside is entirely up to you, as long as each compartment is filled with beautiful objects.

If you don’t like the colour of your box frame, paint it in the colour of your choice and leave to dry completely.
Then decorate the back wall of each compartment. Cut your chosen backgrounds to the right size and decide what you’re going to use in each compartment. Using a paintbrush, apply PVA glue to each back wall in turn, then stick on the background. Leave to dry.

memory box

Arrange the treasures in the spaces. It’s worth spending time trying out different arrangements, so that you get a good balance and plenty of variety.

Fix the treasures in place, using low-tack putty so that they can be taken out and admired.

The memory box is lovely way to preserve and display your memories and surround yourself with the things that you like and that mean a lot to you. As a gift it can be very versatile. If the memory box is gift to your children, you may add  items that would tell them a story of the family heritage. If it is for the best friend – add the things that will bring memories of the times spent together. The memory box for the colleague that goes to well deserved retirement, add items that illustrate the profession, collective photos, messages…

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