Maximo Laura’s Tapestries

Máximo Laura born in Ayacucho, Peru in 1959. Textile Artist of self-taught formation. He has presented 68 solo exhibitions and participated in several group in Peru and abroad since 1985. His works have been exhibited in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, United States, Spain, France, Finland, Latvia, Germany, China, and Japan among others.

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In the area of research deepened their knowledge in the Andean textile design enriching its work with this ancient technique. Within support projects, has conducted training workshops and counseling to textiles with traditional techniques.

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“My work is the development of a rich, singular, fascinating and ancient historical Andean textile fountain in symbiosis with innovations in tapestry around the world, defining its own space in plastic arts. The historical fountains constitute inexhaustible material that needs to be assimilated; the search for a unique and current language, is the challenge to best. From this collision between the traditional and the contemporary, the study of tools, the application of and innovation in textile techniques, I try to multiply the resources of chromatic expression, maintaining the authentically Peruvian iconographic language.”

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Although tapestry weaving is an ancient technique, Máximo Laura has brought it into the 21st Century with his modern design ideas and use of colours. Laura fibre art designs may be contemporary or cultural or a combination of both. To date, Laura is little known in the UK and his work is generally only owned by people who have been to Peru or South America.

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His tapestries are handwoven originals in alpaca wool, cotton and mixed fibres using his own techniques, each from an original design signed by Maximo Laura. They have a rod pocket so are ready to hang. Do view the close-up images showing some of the techniques which add to the three dimensional elements of these thick and full masterpieces. Each tapestry fuses contemporary and traditional elements in vibrant colours.

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Laura is a tapestry weaver who is internationally recognized as one of South America’s pre-eminent textile artists and the pride of Peru, his country of birth. Consultant, designer and lecturer in Art and Contemporary Andean textile design, his work is in collections worldwide and has been exhibited in 72 solo and numerous group shows.

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Laura has been exhibiting and winning awards for his fibre art for over 20 years. He has won awards in both national and international competitions including a UNESCO Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean (Spain, 1992), among others.

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