Mandy Pattullo’s Fabric Story

Mandy Pattullo aim is to create pieces which would make the viewer look again at old textiles which might be past their use by date. She is particularly passionate about very worn old patchwork quilts which were often made of old dressmaking off-cuts, old clothing and tailor’s samples. Mandy has carefully re-examined the quilts, often unpicking them completely into their original scraps, and to discover hidden layers and sometimes even other worn quilts inside.

Mandy Pattullo, a Newcastle based artist, is passionate about sharing traditional skills in sewing with a new generation, about revaluing the ‘home-made’ and encouraging the reworking of old and discarded textiles.

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Mandy has a 1st Class degree in International Textiles and Surface Pattern. She is interested in the decorative, textural and colour possibilities within creating textiles and the way stitch can be used to create marks in the same way as drawing.

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Background research into a process or concept is key and then she uses drawing, sampling and photography to get her going. She primarily uses hand and machine stitching combined with applique, quilting and print.

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In recent years she has rediscovered hand stitching and is an advocate of slow design. After 20 years of working with textiles Mandy has accumulated a huge amount of fabric and inspirational “stuff” which surrounds her in her attic studio at The Hearth, Horsley, Northumberland.

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Her artfully arranged collection of tools and threads, piles of vintage fabric and her pin boards are a mass of colourful images and postcards which inspire her work. Much of what she surrounds herself with is inherited from past generations of sewing women.

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Mandy is doing line embroideries of woodland animals, birds and flowers. She is using vintage log cabin as a base for most of her work. She is often having her ideas confined into the boundaries of one square.

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Mandy is enjoying the slow process of traditional applique, finger turning the edges in, making small but beautiful textile collages. She is interested in the shadows and marks that appear when she takes apart other women’s stitches and also the effect of light, wear and tear on the fabrics.

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Many of the quilts in this exhibition were too worn and tattered to be functional on a bed but have been re–valued by being made into unique garments or hangings.

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Also Mandy use embroidery stitches to “draw” on the textile. The line is precise and drawing stand up on the surface.

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(See ‘Thrift & Thread’ Further Information)

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