Making Teacup Candles

Beautiful fine bone china cups and saucers used to be only thing to be seen drinking tea from, and as a result there are plentiful supplies of incomplete tea sets, single cups and lonely saucers still to be found. It is perfectly acceptable to mix and match saucers and cups of varying designs to make a harlequin set, but even then there are often a few odd pieces left over that can be used to make lovely candle holders. A little chip in the base of the cup can be overlooked for this purpose.

If you don’t fancy using hot wax, simply stick the saucer and the teacup together with instant adhesive and pop in a tealight candle. The fine bone china positively glows when the candle is alight.

You can also buy a candle-making kits that include all the equipment and instructions for making your own candles, but a couple of coloured  candles or the ends of several others are an economical way of getting just the amount of wax you need. The candle wax will not mix so well with your porridge, so it’s better to find an old pan that is past its best and use it just for candle making.

Material you need

bone china cup and saucer;

instant adhesive;

two long, coloured candles;

old saucepans;

a couple of clothes pins

How to make teacup candles

1 Glue the cup to the centre of the saucer and leave it to dry.

2 Melt the candles very gently in a small old saucepan inside another filled with water. The wax is flammable so it is very important that it does not overheat during the process, so do use this double-boiler method. Remove the wicks carefully from the molten wax with the wooden peg (not plastic one).

3 Then pinch two pegs together with the wick in the middle and place them over the teacup so one end of the wick is nearly touching the bottom of the cup. Then gradually pour some wax very carefully into the cup until it is about three-quarters of the way up the teacup and leave it to set.

4 As it sets it will form a depression around the wick, so melt the wax again and fill in the surface so that it is level and leave it to set again. Repeat until the cup is nearly full and the surface is flat. Finally trim the wick leaving about 1 cm above the level of the wax.

Candle caution: As usual, wherever candles are involved, a sensible approach has to be taken when burning them. And you should never leave a candle burning when there are no adults in the room.

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