Making of Beaded Door Hanger

Beaded door hanger is an item that has almost childlike simplicity which looks very effective. It is a sort of charm bracelet for your door or anywhere else you would like to hang it. It is a great fun to do all preparations for this project – collecting lovely beads, buttons, old keys and different trinkets that you can use. Spend some time to collect interesting stuff and organize them by shapes and colours.

Before you start, choose the style you will follow. It may help you to concentrate on specific colours, shapes and styles of pieces. It may be something flashy and modern, bright in colours and childish; or you can choose classical, vintage look in which you can incorporate cheap object you bought on antique sales or even some objects you kept in family for long time.

Material you need

a length of thick but pliable wire (garden wire is perfect);


ribbons and lace;

reclaimed beads and baubles from vintage necklaces;

old chandelier pieces;

keepsakes or jewellery;

strong thread

How to make it

1 Begin by making a shape for the door hanger from the wire. Try hearts, simple house shapes or letters. Leave a little excess wire at each end so that you can secure the hanger when finished.

2 Then start to thread bits and pieces onto the wire. You can tie on little lengths of lace and trimmings, thread on large beads, use thread to attach strings of smaller beads and baubles, add buttons and any small trinkets of the right scale.

3 When you have covered all of the wire with interesting bits and pieces, hook the ends together and twist them into a loop. Add a length of ribbon for hanging.

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