Making Evening Clutch

Transform an assortment of pretty satin ribbons into a chic evening clutch. Use a selection of different coloured ribbons in a variety of widths to create an interesting and balanced piece of woven ribbon fabric. Use a medium interfacing that will support the weight of the ribbons, ironing a second layer on top of the first if you want a firmer, more structured design.

Material you need

– 7 meters each of blue, pink and purple ribbons in different widths

– scissors, pins and iron

– 30 x 90 cm black medium-weight iron-on interfacing

– sewing machine

– dark blue cotton thread

– 50 cm dark blue dupion silk 115 cm wide

– needle, snap fastener

evening clutch

How to make it?

1 Weave 30 cm lengths of ribbon onto the adhesive side of the interfacing to make a woven panel measuring 25 x 23 cm. Using a temperature to suit the ribbons, press with a steam iron first on the right side then on the back. Stitch around the edges to secure the ribbons. Make a second panel the same size.

clutch 1

2 With right sides together, pin a 30 cm square of dark blue silk to each ribbon panel along the top edge. Stitch just above the first horizontal ribbon, then press the seams open.  Trim the seams to 7 mm.

clutch 2

3 For the flap, with the dark blue silk uppermost, pin to mark 10 cm down each short side. Stitch to the pins, then remove the pins. Snip the seams at the end of the stitching. Trim the seams and the two upper corners, then turn the panel through.

clutch 3

4 Stitch the silk and ribbon panels together down the sides to secure. Trim the flap panel to 24 cm deep and the other to 19 cm, Tack along the bottom ribbon on each panel. Pin the panels right sides together. Stitch along the tacking thread and neaten the seam.

clutch 4

5 For each side panel, iron interfacing to the back of the 30 cm square of dark blue fabric. Fold in half. Copy the side panel template (below) and cut it out. Pin the top of the template to the fold. Tack around the edge and trim to 6 mm. Make a second side panel.


clutch 5

6 Pin the side panels to the side edges of the bag, beginning at the bottom of the flap. Tack in position, snipping into the side panels at the corner. Fold the ribbon over a raw edges, tack and stitch neatly by hand or sewing machine.

clutch 6

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