Making a mosaic basin splashback

The subject of preventing water from splashing our walls can, quite honestly, be rather dull. Unfortunately we have to be practical about these matters. However it is attention to detail that makes all the difference and this handsome basin splashback, which took such a short time to make, really adds a finishing touch to my newly decorated bathroom. The same technique and style can be applied for the kitchen project, to create a splashback for kitchen sink or cooker. 

Material you need

– Tape measure, ruler, marker pen

– Marine plywood board

– Jigsaw or fretsaw, sandpaper, tile cutters

– Mosaic tiles

– 2.5 cm paintbrush, PVA glue, waterproof grout sponge, warm water, dry cloth


How to make it

1 Start by measuring the width of basin and the height of the taps. With these measurements in mind, work out the shape of the splashback. Draw out the design on to the board with a marker pen, then cut out the shape with a jigsaw or fretsaw. Sand the edges.

pic 2

2 With tile cutters cut all mosaic tile pieces into quarters. Work on the one area of the splashback design at a time with a thick layer of undiluted PVA glue and place each tile in position.

pic 4

3 Once you have covered the whole splashback with tiles, leave it to dry overnight. Once dry, soak off the backing paper. Cover it with grout and while grout remains moist wipe away any excess with a dry cloth.


4 Using strong adhesive glue place your splashback on the wall.

finished detail

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