Make Your Own Lamp Shade

Cannot find a lamp shade that perfectly match your interior? Or you are bored with an old one and want some change? Make your own lampshade using wide range of materials – newspaper, decorative paper, thick linen, light silk, thread, wire, metal scraps…. or just “beautify” your old one and give it a new life with the smart details!

Design your own lampshade gives you the bits you need to create your own stylish lampshade.

Picnik collage1

Stick your own design onto the sticky outside layer use printouts, wallpaper, fabrics, photographs and more to create a completely unique and bespoke lampshade! Match your curtains, wallpaper, individual taste and creativity…

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Design your own lampshade works brilliantly as a pendant lightshade or a standard floor or table-lamp shade fitting onto most standard fittings.


By far the most enjoyable, economical and simplest way to create your own bespoke lampshade using high quality parts and materials.

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Images shown are just a few examples of the unlimited possibilities that can be made with this product.

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