Lukas Mjartan glass art

Born in 1975, Slovakian artist Lukas Mjartan  studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the Department of Industrial Design from 1994 to 2000. His major interest lies in kiln-formed glass, especially in cast glass. After his apprenticeship with renowned slovakian glass artists Zora and Stephan Pala, he began his own artistic practise. He has since developed distinctive sculptural language.

Glass 1

He draws his inspiration from various architectural forms transforming them into contrasting rigid geometric shapes with structural, sometimes even rough gestural textures and elements. The light and the varying thickness of the glass mass play with the intensity of each colour he chooses for his works, thus creating expressive sculptural forms.

Glass 3

Mjartan has created his own distinctive sculptural language through kiln cast glass. Architectural and geometrical lines and shapes, combined with sometimes rigid surfaces characterize the shape and form of his glass sculptures. The light and varying thickness of the glass mass influences the intensity of each color, thus contributing to the overall expressivity in his work.
Glass 2
His works have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs throughout Europe and the United States. Mjartan is dedicated to promoting glass as a contemporary form of art.

Glass 5

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